Global H20 Costs 2014

Marketing: none
Office Space: free
Executive Board: $0 cost (100% volunteer)
Over 1500 Volunteer Hours: $0 cost (100% volunteer)

Which means: 100% of your donations dedicated to provide clean water to those without
Help us make a difference on World Water Day 2015.
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Personal Global H2O Stories

This is Andi Metzger’s Story about his experience traveling with Global H2O for the first time.
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Global H2O Personal Fundraising Site.

globalh2o fundraising aboutShortDo you have a sporting event coming up? A run, walk or cycling event? Maybe you would like to honor someone or celebrate an occasion, like a birthday, wedding or anniversary.

Global H2O has developed a site that allows you to easily set-up these events so that you can raise money. This money will provide water for thousands of people. The process is really easy and you can promote your event through email and social media. Enjoy your event even more by knowing that you are making a difference.

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